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"Konami has become a strong partner in the licensing of the UEFA and UEFA Europa League, in our very unique video game competitions and as part of the electronic sports organized for UEFA Champions League championships," according to eve...
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The latest result of FIFPlay’s FIFA 19 Leagues Survey (Feb 6, 2018) is rolled out.
FIFA fans have submitted a total of 776,868 votes for 103 leagues to be in FIFA 19 from 19 September 2017 to 6 February 2018 (8.15am CET). Currentl...
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 How to Select Defensive Tactics and Formations
FIFA 18 Defensive Tactics and Formations.  Use these tips to help you set-up your teams exactly as you want for the defending side of the game.
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FIFA 18 Mode: Team Leader Career of FIFA 18
Lead your favorite team, control the team’s management and tactics. You will be responsible for helping the team accomplish different goals within strategic and business skills.
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 Transfer Negotiation
After searching for players and scouting analysis, the target players were finally selected. When the transfer window was opened, safe and legit fifa coins reviews a transfer deal was proposed to the target player&...
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 Which is the button of FIFA 18 skill moves? For football games,best coin sites for fifa in addition to some formal operations, skill moves are an element that adds fun and uncertainty to the game. However, many players don’t have ...
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 The Premier League has become in the last decades the reference league for soccer fans worldwide. The best players and coaches dream of being able to measure themselves in this tournament and this has resulted in a mass migration of the...
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 The best FIFA Strikers are the kings of the game"s business end, fifa 18 coins cheap  and with this year opening up to a few more goals than previous editions, they"ll play as important a role as they ever have.
For Career Mode, potent...
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 In FIFA Ultimate Team coins are your basic currency. fifacoinsreviews.com With them you can buy players or contracts on the transfer market.
Mainly you get FIFA 18 coins by completing lots,but there are also some other ways to fill ...
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 FIFA Mobile Is The Pocket Edition Of EA Sports FIFA Franchise For Android & IOS Devices. As Its Console Version, FIFA Mobile Has Become The Best Football Simulation Game On Mobiles, Including Authentic Ultimate Team, Squad Building Chal...
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 If EA Sports Proceeded To Change Absolutely Nothing From FIFA 17 In Time For 18 Other Than Re-Skinning New Kits And Reflecting Real-Life Transfers, The Game Would Still Sell By The Truckload. That"s The Reality Of EA"s Football Juggerna...
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FIFA 17 will publish the TOTW 34 roster depend on the week’s on-pitch performance, pick up players around the international legues. Many sites has made pridictions about the TOTW 34, but result vary from one to another? Fifa 17 tru...
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